Rudiger has opened up about leaving the club this summer

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Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has opened up about leaving the club this summer. And confirmed that it was not about the boycott of the ufabet club.

         The German defender is set to move to Real Madrid next season after failing to sign a new contract, which he insisted was not about boycotting the club but did not ask for details. Ready to confirm that “Sing the Blues” will always be special in the heart

         “I don’t want to go into the details,” Rudiger said. “There is an opportunity but the boycott is not a problem.”

         Meanwhile, Rudiger pointed out that ending the season empty-handed is very frustrating.

         “It’s not just one side. But it’s both sides,” Rudiger added. “Chelsea has been great for me and I’ve been great for Chelsea. I’m very grateful, me, my family. I grew up to be an adult here.”

         “My children were born here and everything, London and especially Chelsea will always be special to me.”

Chelsea have two games left in their Premier League campaign during which they they still look to confirm an automatic place in next season’s Champions League.

But the Blues will end the campaign without a domestic trophy, a source of frustration for Rudiger as he prepares for his exit.

‘It’s not only about one side, it’s about both sides,’ Rudiger added.