Scamacca hints at Serie A’s desire to continue

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Sassuolo’s Italy striker Gianluca Scamacca has hinted that he wants to stay in Serie A. rather than going out to face new challenges abroad

Scamacca, who scored twice in the 3-1 win over Bologna. He is expect to leave Sassuolo this summer. After receiving interest from Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Newcastle “I don’t have much experience. So I think it’s just a number of statistics. Only you can speak for me.” “But modern strikers have to play for their teammates as well. Goals are a bonus ufabet

But the important thing is to play for the team.” “I think my goal now is to make a name in Italy. The trading market is unpredictable. When it’s time to decide I will try to choose the best.” “Serie A is at a very high level. I want to continue playing here, other offers will be considered and we will see what happens,” Scamacca told Sky Italia.

He has been linked with amongst others Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Newcastle United, Inter, Milan and Juventus.

“I think my priority now is to make my mark in Italy. Having said that, the transfer market is somewhat unpredictable. When the time comes to make a decision, I’ll try to make the best one.

“Serie A is of a very high level and my priority is to continue here. Others will then evaluate and we’ll see what happens.”